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Shopping Scholastic Warehouse sale in less than 15 minutes

scholastic book sale
Entry to warehouse
I didn’t plan on getting to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale with only fifteen minutes before they closed, but as all busy teacher moms know, the best laid plans don’t always work out that way. Nevertheless, I had to take advantage of the warehouse sale that I’ve been hearing about. If you are not familiar with Scholastic’s warehouse sales but at various locations across the country a few times a year, they open their doors to teachers and librarians to purchase books and other supplies at a discounted price. The closest facility to me is about a 45- minute drive but it was well worth it and I plan on hitting them up again, because fifteen minutes just was not enough time.
I was not expecting rows and rows of books. Picture Costco but filled with books. Primary books, upper elementary books, middle grades, young adult, as well as religious and self- help books. Upon entering I did feel overwhelmed which is reason #1 why you need more than fifteen minutes. 
jumbo highlighters
Let’s not forget the cute stationery and gifts like pens, journals, and highlighters. I was able to pick up a good supply of jumbo scented highlighters and pens to clip on IDs at 50% off. The prices vary depending on the item and I got pens as low as 50 cents!!
When you first get there, you are provided with a map and a sheet explaining how the prices work. But for people like me who cannot read maps, they have awesome teacher volunteers as well as a very handy binder upfront that list the books alphabetically and by author’s last name. What a godsend when I was looking for a particular Kwame Alexander book. So tip # 1 is see if your location has a locator binder that will specify for you exactly where in the warehouse each item is located.
Tip #2 goes hand in hand with tip #1. Come prepared with books you are interested in getting in mind. Of course as you are looking around you find other titles, why not get them too. But to be productive and stay on budget (YIKES), its best to at least know what you are looking for.

Tip 3: Plan on shopping twice if you can. Many books were not back in yet because book fairs were still happening at schools but by the end of the normally two- week sale, they were expecting most of the books back in since the school year was ending. This was suggested by some of the volunteers. But it may also work out for you to shop twice. First, when you sign up for the warehouse sale, you get a coupon with different discounts including $10 of $50 and $25 off $100. But when you shop during the first week, you also get a coupon to come back and stock up again during the last few days of the sale. I plan on going back and hopefully this time with more than 15 minutes to spare!


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