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Teaching Middle School Writers by Laura Robb Review

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I have hit the ground running with my professional development Books To Read (#BTR) list starting off with Laura Robb’s “Teaching Middle School Writers.” Even though I am a reading teacher, I am not sure how you teach reading without incorporating writing. My goal for the upcoming school year is to figure out how to best do it. Truth: I do not think my current model is the best. But reading this book has allowed me to fine tune, plug holes, and create a game plan for what will work best in my classroom for my students and their needs. This book covers a lot and is an easy read with ready to go strategies and lessons. It even includes a DVD of resources!  Robb starts out by looking at research. Research that she and others have performed to understand the reasons why middle schoolers write and the gaps betw…

Bang for YOUR BUCK in Building your Classroom Library

YAY for all the new teachers getting teaching assignments for the upcoming school year. It is a wonderful space to be in as you prepare for what your classroom will look like and what kind of teacher you will be. If you will be teaching English, Reading, or Writing I know one big concern is “how on earth am I going to build my classroom library!” I am not going to tell you that it is easy, but it will be worth the effort curating. This first post will be all about the all- important MONEY angle.

Teachers Look for retiring teachers or teachers changing grade levels because they will be a free source of books. You can visit your new school and seek out those teachers. I would also suggest going on Facebook Marketplace or CraigsList because many teachers have been successful in finding books for free or in bulk using those avenues. Grants There are many options available to get grants and I am fortunate that I am in as district that sends out monthly list of grants including lesser known o…

Shopping Scholastic Warehouse sale in less than 15 minutes

I didn’t plan on getting to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale with only fifteen minutes before they closed, but as all busy teacher moms know, the best laid plans don’t always work out that way. Nevertheless, I had to take advantage of the warehouse sale that I’ve been hearing about. If you are not familiar with Scholastic’s warehouse sales but at various locations across the country a few times a year, they open their doors to teachers and librarians to purchase books and other supplies at a discounted price. The closest facility to me is about a 45- minute drive but it was well worth it and I plan on hitting them up again, because fifteen minutes just was not enough time. I was not expecting rows and rows of books. Picture Costco but filled with books. Primary books, upper elementary books, middle grades, young adult, as well as religious and self- help books. Upon entering I did feel overwhelmed which is reason #1 why you need more than fifteen minutes.  Let’s not forget the cute s…