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Is there a One Size Fits All Blueprint for teachers?

When I was returning to the classroom last summer after spending three years as a literacy coach, I wanted to inundate myself with the current trends and topics but more importantly, create a network of support from other teachers. Of course, I still read books from the likes of Gallagher, Marzano, and Beers but I wanted to do something different. To social media I went, specifically to Instagram. I followed teachers in elementary to high school, California to New York, and from various content areas because you never know where inspiration will spark. Almost a year later, it was one of the best moves I made even as a semi- veteran teacher. Keeping in mind that a lot of newbie teachers use social media as a platform for advice and support I want to share this one tidbit that I have gleaned over the last 7-8 months: It's OK that your classroom do not look like others.  I have been there too. Saw an activity for a lesson or something to use for classroom management and it didn’t work…