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Summer Bucket List: Goal #1

Every summer I have grand plans of what I want to do with 10 WHOLE WEEKS OFF! And without fail, half my plans end up failing to the waist side but I must say, three weeks into Summer 2016, I have my first major goal accomplished. YAY ME... I finally have the blog that I've been thinking of doing for some time up and running with- a post done. 
In all my excitement, I have forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Samantha Moulton (Green for the last 6 months but we teachers know how hard it is to change names) and I am a literacy coach who is finally going back into the classroom. I am going into my seventh year of teaching and the last three were spent as a literacy coach working with our inner city/ urban population hence the name of the blog.   
These babies of mine are legends in the making. My job along with their other teachers, is to channel and harness their creativity and zest for life into the right places. We have to look beyond the rough edges of these pre-teen and teenage students who have seen more and been through more than we will ever imagine and see the potential hidden behind it all. I say hidden because most times it is. The behaviors mask reading and math difficulties... home-life difficulties.. difficulties that we cannot even name... But our schools are safe havens for them and my goal this year as I enter back into the classroom is to help facilitate their potential back into the spotlight. A sort of PR campaign for my babies as I call them. 
I thank you for joining me and I hope that I can inspire you and that we can share ideas and stories to help these students succeed.


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Writing Strategy for Middle School Students

During spring break this year, I spent some time worrying what a week off would do to the memory bank of my middle schoolers right before they take the state writing test.
As teachers we know how it goes: you teach them something today, tomorrow they act as if they have never heard it before (insert face palm emoji)! So I certainly worried about all the information that they may forget coming back from break and straight into testing. Fortunately, we had one day before testing and I planned on honing in on one thing: Brain Dump.

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I like how the book not only focuses on the Why but also How. Some of the mini-lessons discussed are tried and tested in ELA classrooms such as book passes and book talks but the book gives you how to do it correctly and why it is important to be done.

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The past few years, there has been a lot of talk regarding self care in the teacher world and rightfully needed. Working in a large school district, I see the teacher mass exodus increasing over time. Awesome teachers that give up from the burn- out or new teachers not able to push through the early years and solidify their roots in a great career. As teachers, we need to ensure our mental and physical well being so we are good for our students. Based on the number of personal days I have left, you better believe I live by the rule that a burnt out teacher is no good to themselves, students, or their family. It also helps that I’ve developed a travel bug and I refuse to wait till summer to travel with thousands of other tourists in the peak of the summer sun so I tend to space out my vacations with the end of quarters and long weekends.

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